Flying Pho #omg!

Hey there sparklers!

I know this is totally not the post you were expecting but let’s be real for a second, this blog is about whatever makes you sparkle!!!!!!! And what I’m about to talk about next is O M G.

Especially with the weather recently, it is so easy to crave a warm comfort food/soup.

I love a good Vietnamese Pho (pronounced Fuh).

It’s a delicious soup that is known for its flavorful broth and noodles. In Houston, there are hundreds of places you can go to get this delicious soup, and let me tell you, I can count on two hands the number of places I have been to try it.

Flying Pho is hands down the best place I have gone to get Pho so far.

They do a Northern Style Pho which means that they use a very wide noodle and minimal veggies.

I have gone here twice now in the past two weeks for lunch and I can’t get enough. Their Pho is so simple. Their whole menu is simple and straight to the point to be honest. You have 2 choices in soup, the pork broth or the filet mignon pho. They even make their own Chili Paste if you like your soup spicy (#ido lets be real!!!!!!)

Another amazing part of this Pho is that the Grilled Chicken is super thick! With a traditional Houston style Pho, you get a very thinly sliced boiled chicken. This stuff is grilled and they cut it thick sliced and flavor it to the GODS! It is to DIE FOR!

Flying Pho also has a super cool hipster feel to it.

They have coffee/tea and the absolute best buns.

They call them BUTTER BUNS. Allow me to repeat, BUTTER BUNS.

Think of it like a roll, stuffed with melted better, that has a super delicate coffee shell.

I would drive an hour to get a dozen of these butter buns. They need to trademark them and figure out how to sell them online/in grocery stores. SO GOOD.

Do yourself a favor and make the drive to Flying Pho. I promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

Their address is 3434 Ella Blvd, Houston, TX 77018. They are located at 610 and Ella. It’s a small shop in the middle of a strip center.

See you guys on the next one (I promise it will be makeup related next time)!

Jess <3